Method for Vibraphone

A new vibraphone method that combines technique study with creating ideas for improvisation


For both jazz and classical mallet players


Includes video demonstrations of all material presented (internet connection required to view video)


Printable pattern sheets and chord changes


Digital book (pdf format) for tablets (iOS and Android) and computers (Mac and Windows)


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Rusty Burge's Method for Vibraphone is a one-of-a-kind resource for jazz and classical mallet players.  The material is presented in a practical yet musical context, with Rusty offering invaluable advice concerning tone quality, pedaling, comping, and improvising.  Benjamin Toth - Professor of Percussion, The Hartt School, University of Hartford 

This is a great book for vibe players. Rusty is a great player and understands the language and the music. These are the vibe players you want to learn from! - Tony Miceli - Vibraphone Artist and founder of


In 'Method for Vibraphone,' Rusty demonstrates several excellent jazz improvisation techniques that will benefit anyone interested in learning to play jazz. Wade Culbreath - Principle Timpani LA Chamber Orchestra - LA studio musician


Rusty Burge's "Method for Vibraphone" is successful at presenting wide variety of topics for jazz improvisation in an exceptionally coherent manner.  It has been a very helpful resource in my teaching at Northern Kentucky University.  Jazz improvisation creates a unique set of challenges for the educator, which are made much clearer through Burge's thoughtful design of the book.  Mallet percussionists with varying levels of improvisational experience, from the beginner to the pro, will come away with many great new ideas.  Readers will find the imbedded video demonstrations to be very handy for putting the book's concepts into practice. Chris Barrick – Adjunct Professor Northern Kentucky University


Vibraphonist Rusty Burge’s new book “Method for Vibraphone” is a valuable addition to players developing their improvisation skills. It is very well organized with a fresh approach to working out patterns and playing over chord changes that can be applied across many styles. The skills attained through his practice method will also aid the students’ ability to hear harmony and intervallic relationships. This will ultimately make for better performers, not just technically, but musically. Rusty has created a book that will not only benefit students beginning to the language of jazz, but many advanced performers as well. Kim Pensyl – Professor CCM, University of Cincinnati, Recording Artist.


I love how much this book emphasizes the importance of listening, study, and practice; these are all vitally important aspects of becoming a musician.  What is also great is that Rusty provides useful resources, patterns, and tools for helping the reader to decipher and reproduce so many of the sophisticated sounds of the jazz idiom. This is a very useful book! Patrick Schleker - Timpanist, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra


Reading, and now working out of this book has made me realize that the gap between classically trained musicians and jazz improvisers is much closer than I have thought in the past. Rusty has laid out intuitive exercises, with clearly written instructions that include video demonstrations and performances. All of these tools inspire the musician to seek creativity and inventiveness in their own practice. Jonathon Bisesi - Percussionist, Presidents Own Marine Band

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