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From a few years back....great educational series for Vic firth with Steve Houghton, Steve Allee and Jeremy Allen. Check out VF's youtube channel for more.







The Vic Firth M-27 RB Signature Vibraphone Mallets have undergone a cosmetic change and are now available as the mallets on the right of the photo above. They are essentially the same mallet (same core, material and number of wraps) but just made with VF's new ultra efficient machinery. This negates the need for the black stiching on the top and bottom of the older models. Check out the videos below to hear how they sound in a variety of situations. rb




Bruno Mangueira/Rusty Burge Quartet - Terra Batida by Bruno Mangueira




Guest soloist with the Sinclair College Jazz Ensemble on March 15




At the University of Michigan on February 5 and 6



Video of my composition New Adventures recorded for a new public radio recording called "The Joints Still Jumping" 



Percussion Group Cincinnati inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame


RB VF Mallets

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