Performances 2019 


1/11 John Zappa Quartet - Washington Platform

1/19 Rusty Burge/Steve Allee Quartet - Caffe Vivace

1/24 Rusty Burge Quartet featuring Steve Schmidt - Greenwich Tavern

1/26-27 CSO

2/2 CCM Steel band - Corbett Auditorium

2/5 University of Michigan with Victor Provost and Johnathan Ovalle

2/12 CCM Faculty Group - Caffe Vivace

2/14 Mike Sharfe Washington Platform

3/2 Steve Schmidt Quartet - Harth Lounge

3/15-16 CSO 

3/15 Guest Soloist with the Sinclair College Big Band

3/22 VF Recording in Boston

3/27-30 PGC residency Norhtern Michigan University

4/19 RB Trio - Caffe Vivace

4/20 Marc Wolfley Washington Platform

4/28-29 University of Dayton residency

5/16 RB Quartet at The Greenwich

5/18 Rick Van Matre Quintet - Caffe Vivace

5/30 Marc Wolfley Trio at the Netherland Hilton Plaza

 6/8 Percussion Group Cincinnati at the Cinci Percussion Festival

6/10 Northside Tavern

6/20 RB Quartet at The Greenwich

6/21 Percussion group Cincinnati at Oberlin College

6/27 Marc Wolfley Trio at the Netherland Hilton Plaza

6/29 Marc Wolfley group at the Washington Platform

7/6 RB Quartet at at the Washington Platform

7/12 RB/KP Quartet at the Harth Lounge


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